History and Purpose

The Tau Zeta Epsilon Alumnae Association (the Association) is an alumnae organization founded in November of 2005 by Tau Zeta Epsilon of Wellesley College alumnae. Membership in the organization is open to anyone who was a member of Tau Zeta Epsilon Arts and Music Society during their time as a student at Wellesley.  Working in cooperation with the student-run on-campus club, we promote the arts and music on campus and in our local communities, fundraise for charity, and oversee outside rentals of our house in order to maintain its preservation.

Tau Zeta Epsilon (TZE), Wellesley College’s Art and Music Society, was founded in 1889 to provide an opportunity for additional study of the arts and music and promote good fellowship among students.  According to the founding mission statement, “the purpose of the Tau Zeta Epsilon Society shall be the cultivation and enhancement of an artistic spirit at Wellesley College, leading to a greater appreciation of art, wherever found, and all that tends to the creation of the beautiful.”  Since its inception the Tau Zeta Epsilon Society has served the student body of Wellesley College and the surrounding local community by promoting the arts and music.

The Association provides oversight and guidance in facilitating a functional working relationship between the student club and the administration of Wellesley College.  The Tau Zeta Epsilon Alumnae Association is organized exclusively for educational purposes under Section 501(c)(3) (pending) of the Internal Revenue Code.  

Donation Solicitation

The Association helps to solicit donations from its alumnae by maintaining its alumnae database and corresponding with alumnae via mail and email.  Alumnae contributions are used for house repairs, supplies, and furniture, and student financial aid.

Charity Event Participation

The Association organizes alumnae to participate with current club members in various charity activities such as the Relay for Life Walk, Derby Days events, and Cradles to Crayons events as examples.

Outside House Rentals

The Association coordinates the rental of our clubhouse to outside parties who have some affiliation with Wellesley College.  The rental fee collected goes directly towards maintaining the upkeep of the house.


Mission Statement

It is the mission of the association to promote arts and music education and appreciation at Wellesley College and throughout the greater Boston Community.  Beginning in 2005, the Tau Zeta Epsilon Alumnae Association has emphasized, organized, and supported philanthropic activities related to arts and music in the community.

Board Members